Condo Renovation or Rebuild Support

Objective assessment, planning, consensus-building and other support for owners rehabilitating or rebuilding their seismically unsound, dilapidated, or obsolete condominium complex.

Support for both the "hard" technical aspects and "soft" human issues that lie at the heart of planning for and executing a re-build.
Objective expert assessment and planning for achieving the most efficient and cost-effective repair plan for aging buildings.
Objective, neutral physical due diligence for investing in or marketing a property.
Planning, management (or support), and review of a diagnostic assessment of your facility's seismic risk profile; and/or for conducting a seismic retrofit.
Assessment, planning, and strategy to reduce a building's running costs by "right sizing" not only MEP systems, but also building management service agreements, and operating and maintenance practices.
Assessment of a building's conditions, and creation of the most efficient repair and capital expenditure plan.