Property and Plant Restructuring

Planning and execution of strategic property restructuring for retail stores, plants/factories, laboratories, etc. to complement the particular needs and seeds of that business.

Programming, planning, and management for new facilities focused on maximizing the efficiency and value of client assets to their business operations.
Planning and execution for re-aligning a company's property and plant with its business strategy and operations to maximize ROA.
Planning and management for a strategic renovation designed to maximize revenue and achieve other strategic goals.
Planning, management, and monitoring related to building energy efficiency and property environmental hazard remediation.
Planning, management (or support), and review of a diagnostic assessment of your facility's seismic risk profile; and/or for conducting a seismic retrofit.
Assessment of both corporate real estate and CRE management systems, to support strategic re-structuring of a portfolio.
Strategic planning and management for squeezing as much of the latent economic potential from idling lands as possible.
Assistance with business planning, tenant sourcing, and capital procurement for corporate and institutional land owners.
Efficient planning and management of office renovation and consolidation/relocation projects tailored to meet a client's true needs.